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Do You Currently Experience Any Of The Following Issues:

Inconsistency Results From Your Salespeople

Always Unsure If Your Salespeople Are “Going To Work Out.”

Questionable Attitude And Motivations

Why Should Your Existing Salespeople Complete Our Sales Assessment?

Our sales assessment tools are the perfect solution for evaluating and developing the performance of your current sales staff. These tools provide a clear and objective view of each salesperson’s skills and abilities, allowing managers to identify areas for improvement and focus on targeted training and development.

Using our sales assessment tools, you can better understand your sales team’s performance and identify which team members are most likely to drive future growth and success.

These tools are easy to use and provide detailed reports that help managers to identify and address the areas that need improvement and also help to track progress over time. In addition, our sales assessment tools are designed to evaluate performance, identify the salespeople’s strengths, and help them improve their skills to increase their performance and productivity.

By investing in our sales assessment tools, you can improve the performance of your sales team and achieve tremendous success for your organisation.

Our Sales Assessment is available for you to use with your existing salespeople. It evaluates the performance and abilities of your current sales staff and identifies areas for improvement.

The assessment aims to improve the sales team’s performance and help them reach their sales goals.

Our Step-By-Step Process Of How Our Sales Assessment For Your Salespeople Works:


Pre-Assessment Questionnaire:

Each salesperson completes a questionnaire that assesses their sales experience, skills, and qualifications.


Online Assessment:

Each salesperson completes an online assessment that measures critical sales skills such as situational judgment, problem-solving, and communication.


Personalised Report:

Each salesperson receives a personalised report that provides a detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and identifies areas for improvement.


One-On-One Meeting:

A one-on-one meeting is held with each salesperson to discuss their report and identify opportunities for improvement.


Development Plan:

A development plan is created to address any identified areas for improvement and to ensure that the salesperson is set up for success.


Continuous Monitoring:

Progress is monitored to ensure the salesperson is on track to hit their sales goals.


Training And Development:

Based on the assessment report, we can confidently recommend what action is required of your salespeople with the necessary training and development to improve their performance.

By Using This Process, Businesses Can Ensure That Their Sales Team Is Performing At Their Best And Hitting Their Sales Goals.

Want To Know If What We Do Works?

You have played an important role in our sales process that has significantly improved since you came long.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and support since you started to provide us with your consultancy services. It is not only pleasant to join you for the meetings due to your good sense of humor to bring a “break” on the day, but also to gather extra knowledge every single time. I believe the inputs you have brought so far were great.

Luiz Braga,

Managing Director XPRESSDRAFT

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