Sales Strategy

Develop & Execute A Sales Strategy To Win More Business

Has Your Business Ever Experienced Any Of The Below?


We Are Still Trying To Figure Out How And Where We Will Get Our Following Clients.


Unable To Create A Documented Sales Plan With Objectives And Goals.

Unable To Create A Documented Sales Plan With Objectives And Goals.

Why Build And Execute A Sales Strategy?

Faster Prospecting

Improved Forecasting

Win More Clients And Deals

Increased Productivity

Smarter Salespeople

What Is Having A Sales Strategy, And Why Should You Have One?

A sales strategy provides a clear direction and helps businesses identify their target market, develop a value proposition and understand their customer’s pain points and buying habits.
Allows businesses to tailor their sales approach and create a more effective sales process.
By identifying the most effective sales channels and tactics, a sales strategy can help businesses to streamline their sales process, increase efficiency, and generate more leads.

Essential for achieving sales objectives and driving revenue growth.

A well-defined sales strategy allows businesses to focus their efforts, identify new opportunities, increase efficiency, and measure performance.
It helps to align the sales team with the company’s overall goals and ensures everyone is working towards a common objective.
Essential for monitoring performance, evaluating progress, and making adjustments as necessary.

Allows businesses to measure the performance of their sales team, identify areas for improvement, and track progress towards achieving their sales objectives.

How We Implement The APB “Sales Strategy” Into Your Business To Increase Sales.


Identify Your Target Market

Understand who your ideal customers are, their demographics, pain points, and buying habits. This will help you to tailor your sales approach and create a more effective sales process.


Develop A Value Proposition

Create A Clear And Compelling Message That Explains How Your Product Or Service Will Solve Your Target Customer’s Pain Points And Provide Value.


Identify The Most Effective Sales Channels

Determine The Best Channels To Reach Your Target Customers, Such As Online, In-Person, Or Through Partners.


Create A Sales Plan

Outline The Tactics, Budget, And Milestones You Will Use To Execute Your Sales Strategy.


Build A High-Performing Sales Team

Hire And Train A Group Of Salespeople That Are Skilled In Selling To Your Target Market.​


Implement A Sales Process

Develop A Strategy That Includes Prospecting, Qualification, Presentation, Handling Objections, And Closing.


Monitor And Evaluate Your Performance

Continuously Monitor The Progress Of Your Strategy And Make Adjustments As Necessary To Achieve Your Sales Objectives.​


Provide Ongoing Training And Support

Provide Ongoing Training And Support To Your Sales Team To Help Them Improve Their Skills And Stay Up-To-Date On Industry Trends.​


Monitor And Analyse Data

Use Data And Analytics To Track The Performance Of Your Sales Team And Identify Areas For Improvement.


Continuously Refine Your Strategy

Continuously Refine Your Sales Strategy Based On Your Results, Feedback, And Industry Trends.​

Want To Know If What We Do Works?

You have played an important role in our sales process that has significantly improved since you came long.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and support since you started to provide us with your consultancy services. It is not only pleasant to join you for the meetings due to your good sense of humor to bring a “break” on the day, but also to gather extra knowledge every single time. I believe the inputs you have brought so far were great.

Luiz Braga,

Managing Director XPRESSDRAFT

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