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Sales Talent Recruitment

Let’s Hire Top Sales Talent For You

Are You Experiencing The Following Challenges:


Need Help Finding Suitable Candidates For Your Team, Leading To Wasted Resources And Time?

Lack Of Training In Recruiting And Hiring Practices, Causing Recruitment Difficulties?


Inefficient Results From Recruiting Agencies, Leaving You Feeling Frustrated And Without Tangible Outcomes?

Our team will help you to efficiently and effectively find suitable sales candidates, save time and money, and build a strong sales team.

Here is how our systematic approach to recruiting top sales talent for your organisation works that will consistently identify, attract and hire top sales talent, which is crucial to the success of any sales organisation.

Sales Talent Recruitment


Define Your Ideal Candidate:

We clearly define the qualifications, skills, and experience required for the role. This helps us identify the best candidates and evaluate them more effectively.


Create A Sourcing Strategy:

We develop a plan for identifying and reaching potential candidates. This includes job boards, social media, employee referrals, and professional networking.


Screen And Evaluate Candidates:

We use a combination of resumes, interviews, and assessments to assess candidates and identify the best fit for the role.


Create An Onboarding Plan:

Develop a comprehensive onboarding plan to ensure that new hires are adequately trained, supported and integrated into the company culture.


Continuously Evaluate And Improve:

Evaluate and improve your recruiting process to identify areas for improvement and make changes as necessary to ensure that you are hiring the best sales talent.

Want To Know If What We Do Works?

You have played an important role in our sales process that has significantly improved since you came long.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and support since you started to provide us with your consultancy services. It is not only pleasant to join you for the meetings due to your good sense of humor to bring a “break” on the day, but also to gather extra knowledge every single time. I believe the inputs you have brought so far were great.

Luiz Braga,

Managing Director XPRESSDRAFT

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